Friday, 5 September 2014

Day 1 London to Newhaven

73 miles cycled, 3518 ft climbed, 3,071 calories burned (roughly depending on size of *unit), 5,249 calories consumed (roughly depending on size of unit)!
*Unit = cyclist + cycle
It was a real privilege to have Alice and Holly wave us off from our hotel.

Alice and Holly start the ride in London
The journey through the streets of London was quite an adventure, but we soon overcame the challenges of cycling in London traffic and saw some amazing sights.
Tower of London Poppies
NYDESP team on Tower Bridge

After a short distance of 7 miles we arrived at Tower Bridge to start the London to Paris challenge!
Once we left the streets of London we hit the beautiful South East countryside, which was in stark contrast to the streets of London we had left behind. Not long after Louise had another problem with her bike and it was decided that she needed to take it to the nearest bike shop for repairs. After lunch, Simon sped Louise and her bike to the local bike shop, and it was in full working order within 15 minutes!

Lunch Stop
Simon supporting the ride following in the car!
Throughout our journey, Simon was always there at planned stops to provide us with refreshments and (smiley) words of encouragement! 

It was always a pleasure to see him waiting there for us.
And finally at 6pm after 6 hours and 33 minutes of cycling we arrived in Newhaven! Day the bag!
NYDESP team arriving at Newhaven.

After a very warm welcome and satisfying dinner at the Ark pub in Newhaven, the team prepared themselves for the overnight ferry to Dieppe. 

Liz, Lisa and Simon boarded the ferry in the car and the rest of the team were on their bikes. Once on board we had a small window of opportunity to get some quality 'shut-eye' before another hard day of cycling. Unfortunately the ferry reclining seats weren't very reclining.... and not one of us got any sleep!

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