Saturday, 6 September 2014

Day 2 Dieppe to Gisors

72 miles cycled, 2,444 ft climbed 1,731 calories burned (roughly depending on size of *unit), 4,309 calories consumed (roughly depending on size of *unit).
*Unit = cyclist + cycle
The ferry docked at 4am (French time) and luckily the weather was dry and warm at 16 degrees celsius for that time of day.
Dieppe 4am

Finally the sun rose to give us light

The team covered a very challenging 35 miles before lunch...the first 20 miles were all done before sunrise and in the dark. Luckily this section was along a flat cycle path, which was in good condition and some of the team had amazing front lights on their bikes, which helped to light the way. 

Le petit déjeuner a Forges Les Eaux

By breakfast time there was 
much need for sugar and caffeine to help lift the mood and energy of all the cyclists! Simon found a lovely street cafe and bakery to replenish the riders and we got on our way after a coffee and croissant and a good rub of ibuprofen gel and freeze spay! 

It wasn't long before we were stopping for food again! 
The 2nd part of the ride was hilly, and although the sun was shining down on us, the team were fatigued and our progress was slower. The mood was like the hills...up and down! But we could always rely on Simon meet us with good humour and some much needed energy drinks, snacks and flapjack!!!

Simon was always near by!
Once we settled into the ride we were able to appreciate the beautiful architecture of the French buildings and the rolling countryside. Nick took care of all the riders making sure we were all doing ok...some were more needy than others!
And finally after a very long day and 7 hours and 14 minutes in the saddle, we arrived in Gisors! Day 2...#inthebag!

Chateau de Gisor

We all went to bed very very tired!

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