Friday, 5 September 2014

The adventure begins...

Lisa and Simon made their way to London with the very laden support car (but extremely well packed!) after frantically printing out a ferry ticket for Steve (that’s another story…)
The rest of the team arrived at York Station for 10:45am full of anticipation and excitement...However to get us in the mood for a big challenge we were faced with a few bike incidents before we even set off!

Louise arrived with very black hands after having to put her chain back on 3 times on the way to the station! Martin had a blow out 1 mile from home  and had to get his mum to drop him and his bike off at the station where it was discovered that he had a rather large nail in his tyre, and Steve had a problem with his brakes which were sticking on! Thank goodness we had Nick who had 3 lots of repairs to do before we even got on the train...

We all arrived at Kings Cross safely and prepared ourselves to cycle through the streets of London – which is not for the faint hearted! On route to the hotel, Nick had planned some sightseeing…

London sightseeing
but soon after we began our journey we discovered our team mascot Cornealius Woofle (his new name) had been lost on the way to London...and was last seen in York train station… 
Cornealius Woofle

The highlight of our day was when we met Alice. We were all emotional as we listened to her story and realised the enormity that diabetes has on her life; and how Holly her medical detection dog keeps her safe and allows her to live. We all knew we were raising money for the right charity

NYDESP team with Alice & Holly and Linda (Alice's  mum)

Finally we all went to bed very tired!

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